Why I decided to become a vegetarian

I can’t recall the last time I ate meat ! I’ve been a “total” vegetarian for over a year now and by total vegetarian, I mean no meat or fish and no eggs.  Still gathering my strength to go vegan, which could be easy if only I could keep my hands off those Ben & Jerry’s ice cream pots. I know! I just can’t help myself.

Anyway, I didn’t decide overnight to become a veggie. It’s something that had been on my mind for quite a while. I remember being 13 and coming home from school and finding this beautiful sheep in my backyard. He was extremely nice, and so gentle. I named him “KIKI”, I also had a monkey when I was younger that I had also named “KIKI”, go figure. So, I played with Kiki all afternoon, went to sleep and when I woke up, Kiki was dead…gone… just like that.

I realized later on in the day, that he was my lunch. I didn’t eat him. I never ate any sheep meat from that day on, and later decided to never taste any rabbit or lamb meats. Years later, I found out I was allergic to porc and cut that off too. The only meat left on my diet was beef , chicken and fish. And last year, I decided to cut them off too.

Part of the reasons I decided to go veggie, is the cruelty that these animals are put through. I couldn’t bare the thought of giving my money to an industry that puts any living breathing being through such pain anymore, and the other reason was all the environnemental issues that come with eating animal flesh. But most importantly, I felt better in my skin. I didn’t need the meat, I realized. And that’s what I want people to understand.

I had already adopted cruelty free cosmetics brands (skin care, make up, etc) a long time ago, and this was my next step.

I always get weird stares and all these questions whenever I mention I’m vegetarian:”…but you’re human, it’s human nature to eat meat, how can you not?”, “are you sure you don’t miss it?”, “I am sure you’re doing it to loose weight, I can’t see no other reason for you to not eat”… But, I am not trying to loose weight, my body is great, I don’t miss it, I just don’t want to eat meat. It’s not only my desire but also, it’s somehow my small contribution to this beautiful planet.

Becoming vegetarian shouldn’t be a decision taken because you want to loose weight, or just because it’s a trend. It should be a decision that you’re making consciously. Talk to your doctor and/or a nutritionist when you feel ready to make the transition. Unlike me, some people can’t imagine a meal without meat.

So, go veggie. I mean, how can you not 🙂 (see what I did there).

Until next time, stay positive.


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