What feminism means to me

I have always been a feminist. For me feminism is more than just fighting for equal rights, it’s also about respecting my felow women’s choices.

I’ve heard a lot of women criticizing other women for doing things differently, or just not doing it the same way. For example, I hear often other women around me that do not want to have kids criticizing women that have chosen to have kids, and the other way around. Once there was a woman who told me that shaving my legs was a societal influence and I shouldn’t do it if I really am a feminist.

I respect women that shave their legs and those who don’t, those who are moms and those who are not, those who got married and decided to keep their spouses’ last names and those who have decided otherwise. I respect all women and the choices they make, weither those choices are opposite to mine or not. It’s called diversity, and accepting everyone the way they are. That’s what feminism is to me.

Not long ago, Emma Watson was criticized for not wearing a bra in her latest Vanity fair cover and showing parts of her breasts. Some even said she betrayed the feminism cause. Really ? I mean, a woman should be able to show her breasts without being harrassed about it, men do it all the time.

I read an article about how Angelina Jolie’s fans were mad she dared to meet the Archbishop of Canterbury braless. Come on people, since when things like that matter? Going braless or not, wearing makeup or not, shaving or not, and what’s not, that’s what feminism is all about to me. It’s about having a choice and doing what it is right for yourself.

Respect all the women and empower each other, make sure we have each other’s back and only then can we actually achieve something.

Until next time, stay positive!


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