Why I stopped caring what people think of me


“It makes me think of them cows, you know…” said this guy, about a month ago; he was referring to my septum piercing.

It got me thinking about all these negative comments that one gets from people that absolutely have no business telling you what to do with your life. I am the kind of person who always finds the good in people, not because I’m a sickening optimist, far from that, but I just believe that even the worst of us has a “good” side, as small as that might be.

Growing up, I was misunderstood. Someone always had something negative to say to me. I got bullied a lot. That forced me to seek out my true self and stay real. I learned to fend off the negativity. It taught me that you can’t possibly know what people are going through, that a smile to a stranger, a nice word to a friend or a co-worker, as meaningless as it might seem to you, can change their entire day.

Being real with myself and loving myself with all my faults – I have plenty – helped me understand that no matter what another person might say to me, I’ll never let it get to me again – I simply stopped caring. Nowadays, I’ve really mastered the art of not caring, unless your comments are racist, sexist, and misogynistic and other crap, then it’s a whole different story. I realized that no matter how “perfect” I try to be, someone will always have some sort of idea on how wrong I’m living my life, so I decided that my life was my own and I am going to live the way I want.

So after reading this, if you go out, smile to a stranger, or if you’re having friends over, tell them how much you appreciate them. I bet it will feel good and up someone’s mood. And next time someone tries to bring you down with negativity, just remember, you’re AWESOME.

Until next time, stay true to yourself.


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