What do you do when you don’t feel fulfilled by your job?

sad woman hug her knee and cry feeling so bad,loneliness,sadness

Lately, I’ve been wondering what the hell I’m still doing at my job. I work as a communications manager in a small association in a small town in France. I’m also taking classes for my master’s degree.

It’s hard to be a student and work at the same time, but I have to do it, since I can’t pay my school fees or any other life expense otherwise. In July, I found the job I currently have and since I wanted to work in the non-profit, I was thrilled. It doesn’t pay much, but at least, I thought, “you’ll be able to learn a lot, and do a lot”.

I was given things to do, told I had the green light to pitch ideas and show them what I can do. It was awesome and everything I dreamt of…on paper… today I know it was all talks. They needed someone, and I was there so they sold it to me and I fell for it.

Today, I have no other choice but to stay and do what they ask of me, otherwise, I’ll find myself living on the streets. I’ve been depressed lately, disgusted by the lies fed by the employers just to use you. I haven’t been able to pitch any of my ideas because none of my bosses are willing to be open-minded to hear them, there’s always a “yes…but I prefer you do it my way” attitude towards my work.

So what do I do? How do I keep doing a job where I don’t feel valued? Have any of you ever found yourselves in this situation? What happened then?


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